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Your studio can have everything going for it — a beautiful location, top-notch class schedule, the most reasonable rates, even highly sophisticated studio management software — but none of that will amount to much without the best instructors in place. After all, they are the individuals who most frequently interact face-to-face with students, and by extension, they strongly reflect how your patrons perceive your studio as a whole. That’s why you need to do everything in your power to recruit the finest instructors out there.

Granted, this doesn’t take away from the need for the right classes to meet your students’ needs, but having the perfect instructor in place can elevate your operation and make your studio a can’t-miss destination for your community. Even better, a strategic selection of instructors can help you expand your class offerings as well, perhaps opening up a whole new audience for your studio. But first things first. Here are some essential tips to guide you in landing the best instructors for your studio.

Focus on the Details

The devil, as they say, is in the details. In keeping with that adage, you need to take care of the specifics you include in a job listing for new instructors. While you naturally need to include a detailed description of qualifications and responsibilities, it’s also a wise move to explain a bit about the culture surrounding your studio and your mission statement. You want to bring someone in who has clear expectations about not only what the role entails, but also the kind of studio they’d be joining in the process. That being said, keep your job posting as concise as possible as well.

Seek Out Those with an Existing Passion

Rather than simply reaching out to an online job board or contributing to a local newspaper, take a more strategic approach to recruit new instructors. No matter what type of classes you offer, focus your effort on locations that are brimming with people already passionate about that discipline. For example, if you run a dance studio, why not look into universities in the area that might offer dance programs or at nearby performance spaces? After all, an instructor’s devotion to your studio’s discipline will likely prove to be infectious with students. Capitalize on that.

Emphasize Communication Skills

While having experience and a love for whatever area your studio focuses on are admirable attributes in a prospective instructor, you also need one that has a demonstrated mastery of communication skills. When you’re working with students who may struggle with learning the discipline at hand, the ability to communicate patiently and effectively will be an invaluable tool for any instructor. Those who are new to your studio will need compassionate communication to ease their sensitive nerves and maximize their chances for success. An instructor who lacks the ability to do this will probably not last long at your studio.

Consider Internal Promotions

If you have an administrative staff of individuals who share your love for the discipline your studio specializes in, then you might opt to search within their ranks for someone who is willing to take on a class or two. Part of the battle is identifying the right instructors is finding someone who has the right temperament and a clear devotion to your studio’s mission. Existing staff members therefore might fit that bill, provided they have the skill and/or experience necessary to lead a class. In some cases, it might even be worth it to offer some training to get the right candidate up to speed.

Never Stop Recruiting

Even if you don’t currently need any new instructors, it might behoove you as a studio owner to keep an eye out for worthy new additions anyway. You might not come across the perfect candidate when you desperately need someone to join your studio. So keep networking and maintain a list of people who might be assets to your studio in the future. Sometimes, this can be a winning strategy to help your staff grow in the right direction, especially if an opportunity opens up unexpectedly.

Your Greatest Asset

Remember, your staff is perhaps the most valuable tool you have to attract students and keep them coming back for more. Hopefully, the tips above can either help you improve the level of instructors you bring into your studio or have reaffirmed your existing approach. In any case, we know that you’ll agree that a top-notch staff of instructors is an integral part of your current or future success, unifying all your hard work into a student experience.

More than simply the vehicle by which your students receive instruction in a given discipline, your instructors are most directly responsible for delivering your studio’s mission statement to its patrons. They’re also in the best position to serve as advocates for what your studio is looking to accomplish in your community and beyond. So take care in selecting the very best instructors you can find. With any luck, our discussion can help sharpen your focus or point you in the right direction.

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