Everyone knows that the internet has become our main source of communication and gathering information. These days, if you are not using the internet, you are most likely extremely cut off from the world. At some point during each person’s day, they are going to be asked to fill out an online form for some sort of application, event sign up or subscription. This is because people use the internet to find what they are looking for.

Signing up is the obvious next step, so why not make it easy for them to do so right there in their homes or the coffee shop they are browsing the internet in? It is not only convenient for your potential students and their parents, it also provides you with an organized and paperless way to keep track of your clients. Keep reading to further understand why offering online registration is so important for your business.

Make it easy for Your Clients

People want to be able to accomplish their daily tasks as quickly and easily as possible. The more simple and straightforward you can make registration for them, the better. Giving them the option to do it online automatically provides them with a solution that is:

Faster. They do not have to spend the time looking up your number and getting you on the phone. They do not have to wait for you to call them back or drive over to your studio to talk to someone in person. They can register in their own time when it is most convenient for them.

Informative. As they register through your website, they will have answers to any questions they have right in front of them. Studio management software makes the process intuitive and guides potential clients through the process. If they do need to ask you any questions, the communication portal is designed to notify you immediately that a potential customer is requiring some assistance.

Considerate. When you are providing a service for people, you have to consider every single type of potential customer. You are still going to have people that want to speak to you directly, but you already have an option for them. Think about the people who have full-time jobs and 5 kids and barely have time to figure out when they are going to make dinner. These are the types of parents that will appreciate your easy online sign up the most. In any case, having the easy sign up option is ideal for both the customer and you, because it will encourage more people to join your classes.

What Online Registration Provides

Along with sign up options, you are also giving families the visibility of classes and what is currently available in real time. If there is still space in the Tuesday evening tap class, students and their parents have the ability to view that at home and enroll at anytime of the day or night to ensure they get in to the class they want. Listings of classes are accessible on any PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. This way, even if they are not at home, they still have the option to sign up when it is easiest for them. On top of that:


You get paid faster. You will no longer have to print out and mail expensive registration packets. Parents can pay you immediately online with their credit cards when they register and this payment will be directly deposited into your account. Eliminating paperwork means you minimize the time spent on data entry and subsequently will be saving yourself a lot of time and money as a result.

You provide parents with their own portal to access all the information they need. With this portal, you can choose the information you want the parents to be able to see and change. They can browse all of your available classes and current policies. They can also view any absences their child has had and notes on their advancement in classes. You can even add a personal message to be sent to returning families that have not visited the site in a long time or signed up for a class yet this season.


Online registration can also include the organization of events. Families can also view and sign up for any parties or special events that you are offering for your studio. Your software will automatically be sending families notifications of the special offers you are providing that month and include a link for them to easily jump to online sign up options. An email confirmation will automatically go back to the person and any staff they needs to be informed.

All of this will be integrated with your website. Online registration is located directly on your website where parents and their kids can view everything they need in order to gauge exactly what your studio is offering. Having a well thought out website can make a huge difference when it comes to the appeal of your studio, and with the right touches, you can draw in even more interest.

What makes a Website

The ideal dance studio website will include the following:

  • A contemporary design that is created specifically for your dance studio
  • The help of a friendly designer who will help you create your vision
  • A logo and photographs right in the custom header
  • Up to 12 webpages
  • Up to 24 photos or graphics
  • The option to have a homepage slideshow, or slideshows included on multiple pages
  • A simply laid out contact form
  • The option to imbed up to 4 youtube videos
  • The option to add and edit formatting
  • Integration of your other social media pages with incorporated icons that will direct clients to each one
  • A search engine to help families find exactly what they are looking for
  • A stat counter that will provide you with statistics on the traffic coming to and from your dance studios website

Studio Management Software covers it for You

By using studio management software, you will be provided with all of the tools necessary to build a website like the one listed above. The creation process is made easy for you, as the customer service team will be there to guide you through it and continue to help you after the website is launched.

You will also be provided with:

  • Free marketing tips and solutions through the management software’s blog and newsletter
  • The option to accept electronic payments with the ability to view all of your customer’s profiles and details on their payment histories, whether they are completed or outstanding
  • Easy staff scheduling and organization. Automated tools help you to manage staff schedules and significantly reduce the time you would usually spend manually reworking employee scheduling each week.
  • Ongoing customer services for your current clients. Yes, you are no doubt always trying to think of new ways to bring in new clients, but you don’t want to forget about the ones you already have. You have to take care of these families and let them know how important they are to you. The software provides them with their own online portal so they have the ability to manage their kid’s classes, check in on their progress, and make easy payments. The portal also makes communication with you easy and notifies them of any last minute schedule changes.
  • A dashboard and reports helping you to get a clear view of the way your business is functioning. All of your important information will be kept in one place, making operations easy to manage. The dashboard will allow you to view trend analysis on class enrollments and attendance and if there are specific periods of time where absences peak. You can also view if there are certain teachers that have stronger enrollment numbers. Every detail about your business will be easy to view and analyze to help you make productive decisions and changes for the future.

How to Choose the Right Software for You


There are a lot of studio management softwares out there to choose from, but that does not mean they will all work for you. It’s not easy to filter through all of the options, especially when the idea of management software is so new to you. Because of this, we have gathered a list of essentials that we have noticed people tend to appreciate about our own software.

A great customer service team that provides you with help when you need it. There are a lot of potential questions you could have while using the software. Whether you are processing an electronic payment for the first time or want to make some changes to some information on your site.

You need to be sure that you can get help accomplishing these tasks right at that very moment. Our customer support is always available to assist you, no matter what time or day.

All of the information that parents could ask for. Dance studio owners often receive an array of phone calls, emails, and texts from parents on a daily basis. With their online portal, they will no longer need to call your phone unless there is an absolute emergency. They will be able to view exactly what they have paid, what they have left to pay, and update their account as they need to.

All of your money will be kept in one place. With electronic payments you can accept payments with the click of a button and then link them up to any existing expenses you have. You can even preset all of your payments so they happen automatically so you know longer have to spend the time manually entering information each month.

Training when you need it. You are most likely not going to have all the time in the world to fully navigate all of the tools and options that dance studio software provides right from the get go. Though the software is built to be intuitive, there are so many tricks and tools that you will have yet to discover as you begin using it. Because of this, we provide a free online demo that you can access at anytime. If this does not suit your style of learning, you can choose to opt for an in-person training so you can find out about all of the features you can use.

What does all of this Mean?

Online registration makes it easier for you to bring in more students because you are making sign up more convenient for their parents. More students for you means a successful studio. Dance studio software provides you with this tool and so much more. Make things flow better for you and for your customers by trying out studio management software. For more information on how the software can benefit you, please feel free to contact us here.

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