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Music sets the mood and tone of your dance class. People love to hear something new, but it’s always nice to hear something familiar. Check out some of the most popular dance studio music we’ve heard, plus some of our favorite song-selection tips to bring familiarity into your dance class.

Most Popular Dance Studio Warm Up Music

“Circles” by Post Malone

This is a great song if you want to start easy and slow. It has an upbeat tempo, but it’s not too fast. Great for the beginning of class.

“My My My!” By Troye Sivan

This is a great option if you want to start with some slower yet upbeat stretching or dance moves. It builds to a few faster moments, but it’s generally a slower-paced song making it perfect for an early warm-up song.

“Green Light” by Lorde

This song has a good mixture of a slow pace followed by a quick and upbeat pace making it perfect for warming up.

“Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa

It’s hard not to get moving when you hear this hit. A strong bass and an upbeat tempo prepare you to move and have fun.

“Wake Me Up” by Avicii

This upbeat and popular guitar-forward song is a great dance studio option. It includes both fast- and short-paced sections allowing you to mix up the movements.

“Geronimo” by Sheppard

An upbeat and fast-paced song, this is sure to be a hit in your studio. Don’t be surprised if you see people’s moods lifted after listening to this inspiring song. 

“Dog Days Are Over“ by Florence + The Machine

This is a great option if you want an inspiring song that’s hard not to dance and clap along to. It features both fast and short-paced sections giving you flexibility with the routine.

Most Popular Ballet Dance Studio Music      

“Swan Lake” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

One of the most popular ballets, this is a highly recognizable and dramatic song that dancers will be thrilled to dance to.

“The Nutcracker: Waltz of the Flower” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Another one of the most popular ballets, this is a highly recognizable song that your dancers will be excited to hear.

“La Gioconda/ Act 3: Dance of the Hours” by Amilcare Ponchielli

If you’re looking for a fun and recognizable song, this is a great addition to your ballet studio dance music.

“The Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66, TH 13/ Act 1: 6. Valse” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

This will be a great addition if you or your dancers are Disney princess fans. Full of energy, this is a fast-paced, energetic, classic song full of romance and joy.

“Sylvia, Suite: 3. Pizzicati” By Léo Delibes

This song is great if you’re looking for a popular song that is also short and sweet.

Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64: Dance of the Knights Sergei Prokofiev, Esa-Pekka Salonen

If you’re looking for a popular song that’s longer and more dramatic, this is a great choice.

Coppélia: Act II Musique des automates by Léo Delibes

Another short and upbeat option, this song is great for younger dancers.

Coppélia: Galop final by Léo Delibes

This song is energetic and full of movement. Great for some surprising fast, and dramatic moments.  

Most Popular Zumba Dance Studio Music 

“Suaveemente” by Sue Sweets

If you’re looking for an upbeat and fast-paced song with a ton of energy, this is a great choice.

“Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Anthony

This is a great upbeat song. It’s a little slower than other options on this list, so it’s great after you just finished a faster-paced song.

“On the Floor” by Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull

Want to make your dance studio feel like a dance party at the club? Try out this popular and classic dance song.

“I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” by Pitbull

What’s a Zumba class without a little Pitbull? Try out one of his most popular songs to start the Zumba party.

“Hips Don’t Lie (feat. Wyclef Jean)” by Shakira, Wyclef Jean

An oldie but a goodie, this song will bring people back to the early 2000s.

“Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee

Want to mix things up a bit and get your dancers stomping around? This is a great song with a lot of bass that makes you want to move your feet with attitude.

“Danza Kuduro” Don Omar, Lucenzo

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you’ve probably heard this song during Zumba by the pool. It’s a popular and energetic song that you’ll love dancing to.

Most Popular Ballroom Dance Studio Music

“Potter Waltz” by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

This is a popular song for your waltz students who are also Harry Potter fans. Everyone will feel the magic of learning to dance to this song.

“Habanera” by Amerimambo

If you’ve ever watched a movie where the actors dance the tango, they probably did it to this song. A fun and dramatic song, it will be instantly recognizable to your students. 

“Sway” by Michael Bublé

This is a great cha-cha song. Even better is that it’s often played at weddings, so your students may be able to show off their moves at their next big event.

“Candyman” by Christina Aguilera

Want a modern song with an old-school flair for your swing dancers to dance to? If so, this is a great happy and upbeat option.

“Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin

This is a great option if you’re looking for a popular song for a wedding dance. It’s classic, romantic, upbeat, and recognizable across generations.

“Fever” by Peggy Lee

Are you looking for popular music to do a spicy jazz dance to? Fever is a great choice and will leave your dancers feeling confident and sexy.

“Rockin’ Robin” by Bobby Day

This is a great option if you want a fun and classic song to do the lindy hop.

General Tips

Watch for feedback

When you try out the most popular dance studio music, pay attention to how they’re received. Do people seem to have more energy? Are your dancers smiling and having fun? Or, on the other hand, do they seem bored because the song is too popular and overplayed? Try it out, and if you feel the energy change, you know you’re onto something good.

Stay current on dance music trends

Many of the most popular dance studio music options have been popular for years, but don’t forget to keep track of trends and use that to inform your music choices. For example, right now, the 90s are making a comeback. So if you want to surprise and delight people, you can include popular songs from the 90s.  

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