Case Study: Stud!o Bravo

Disney's THE LION KING Dance Captain Runs Virtual Studio with Studio Director

About Stud!o Bravo

At Stud!o Bravo, you’re in the (virtual) room with Broadway’s greatest dancers, performers, and choreographers. Bravita Threatt, owner of Stud!o Bravo, was most recently the lead dance captain for Disney’s Lion King on Broadway. Her performing arts studio is a creative space where aspiring artists can join in live virtual classes on dancing, singing, and acting, or take pre-recorded sessions from their Broadway favorites. Stud!o Bravo’s unique online model runs seamlessly due to Studio Director.

Challenges Faced

When COVID-19 shuttered many live productions on Broadway, Threatt knew that technology could allow her to reach the next generation of performing artists. With the talented dancers and teachers she knew, Threatt designed live virtual classes and compiled a gallery of pre-recorded classes. 

Managing these virtual classes and teachers was an opportunity, but also a creative challenge. She needed a solution–and fast–that would make it easy for her to manage all aspects of her online studio, from class registration to payments. Unfortunately, the first solution she tried was difficult to use and didn’t have a great user experience.

"After searching for alternatives to Dance Studio Pro, I found Studio Director. I loved the look and what the solution offered. And, I heard from their customer support team almost right away. It validated my decision to move ahead with their tool and gave me the support I needed to take my business to the next stage--live.”
Bravita Threat

Opportunities and Outcomes

After struggling through initial set-up with Dance Studio Pro, Threatt had support every step of the way while setting up Studio Director for her online studio. Weekly check-ins with her customer service manager and hands-on support allowed her to set up her studio easily.

Short- And Long-Term Goals

  • Grow Stud!o Bravo’s student base and staff

  • Get the word out about the studio’s unique offerings with email marketing

  • Build a larger catalog of live and pre-recorded classes

  • Set up a professional studio space to record classes and offer in-person classes

Now, Stud!o Bravo runs seamlessly on Studio Director. Students enroll through an online class registration portal and can manage their classes in a dedicated customer portal. With Studio Director’s tools, Threatt can easily customize the portal to match her studio’s and students’ needs. New and current students alike can easily access the portal from the main website, register for classes, and manage their class schedule, personal information, and payments online. The studio accepts payments through PaySimple, a best-in-class payment provider that is directly accessible within Studio Director. 

Stud!o Bravo’s teachers host their live virtual classes through Zoom, which Studio Director helps facilitate. When new classes are added or changes come up, Threatt loves that she can reach her students directly from the solution with Studio Director’s email marketing tools.

“In comparison to Dance Studio Pro, which I thought I would never figure out, I’m so grateful that Studio Director is intuitive and backed by amazing support.”
Bravita Threatt

Final Results

  • 4 weeks set-up time to final roll-out

  • 14 teachers reaching students nationwide

Threatt knows that the performing arts are important, now more than ever. Without teaching, the incredible art of live theater suffers. In the future, Threatt hopes to expand to a physical location and offer both online and in-person classes. By combining virtual classes with in-person, she hopes to reach even more aspiring performers. Thankfully, Studio Director will be able to support both her online studio and physical location when she is ready.

With the ongoing efforts of Bravita Threatt and support from The Studio Director, the next generation of artists can count on a creative space to play, grow, and thrive. Bravo!

“With Studio Director’s support, everyone can now go back to work. I was able to get started up in a matter of days.”
Bravita Threatt

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Product Use

  • Class Management

    Create and organize schedules and instructors. Manage waitlists, changes, attendance, skill charts, private lessons, and auto-send class confirmation by email.

  • Payment Processing

    Accept multiple payment methods for both one-time and recurring charges. Securely store payment methods on file and track payment status.

  • Online Enrollment

    Allow your student to enroll online through our parent portal. Your clients can access their account, see thier schedule, register for classes and pay with ease on their own time!

  • Communication

    Keep up with your students by sending a quick text or email; you can even email to groups, or set it and forget it with our drip-marketing functionality.

  • Customer Support

    Unlimited phone, chat, and email support with knowledgeable representatives who want to see your business succeed!

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