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SunAh summertime! No school, long days, hot sun, new students. Wait! New students? YES!!! Summertime is a perfect opportunity to provide an introduction to new dancers.

Summer classes tend to run over a shorter period of time so require less of a commitment to an unknown activity. School is out so students have more free time to commit to a dance class. You can hold regular classes over a shorter period of time or offer “sampler” classes that will give new students a taste of what your studio has to offer. Having the ability to try a style of dance for a few days is a great way to help determine which style the student likes best!

One-week summer camps are an excellent way to introduce a student to dance using a theme. There are some great Disney-inspired camps where every little girl can be a princess. Hip hop camps for boys is a great way to introduce boys into dance. Contemporary and Musical Theater camps show that there is more to dancing than ballet. Making beginner classes and camps for all ages shows students that it’s never too late to start dancing, discover their creative side, and learn something new!

You can further entice new (and even returning) students to sign up over the summer by doing things like waiving the registration fee over the summer or letting summer students use the registration fee for fall/spring classes.

Summer setup is easy within The Studio Director software. It provides you the flexibility to set up regular classes, week-long camps, or daily camps. Our support team is here Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm if you have any questions about setting up for a camp or summer class.

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