Top Reasons You Need Swim Lesson Software

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Your swim school business is important to you, and it can be scary when you find yourself struggling to keep your head above water either financially or with your personal time. Put simply, you shouldn’t feel like your business is being pulled into the deep-end along with you. When you are running your own swim school, there is a lot to manage. Take some of the weight off of your shoulders with swim lesson software. This is how it can help. 

Do I Need Swim Lesson Software? 

If you run a swim school, you know that running a swim class or a schedule of classes takes a lot of dedicated attention out of the water. You may want to invest in swim lesson management software if you’re facing any of these challenges. 

You haven’t updated your systems… in a while 

Every business must evolve and change along with technology. Maybe you bought a simple software when you first started out that was doing the job just fine, but it hasn’t changed along your swim school over the years. Or, you may still be wrestling boxes of paper records. 

If you can’t remember when you set up your school’s administrative tools, it’s probably time for a change. 

No matter how much work you put in, it’s not enough

If this is the case, it’s time to streamline your workload. Your customer base may be expanding or you simply can’t manage your new types of classes with the tools you have. 

If your current methods are only slowing down progress for you, you need a different strategy. A custom swim lesson software solution will grow and adapt with your company as it changes.

It’s hard to keep in touch with your customers

Your business depends on your customers. Today, your customers constantly have their smartphones in their hands and, when they have an inquiry, they expect an immediate response. 

The right software can help you keep up with communication with email templates, easily-accessible customer contact info, and more. 

You’re overwhelmed with spreadsheets and software

Take a minute to count how many spreadsheets and software you use to manage your business. 

Having too many different tools operating in your organization can mean important details end up falling through the cracks or getting lost in the mix. All of your operations should be working together in one place to reduce overwhelm for you and your staff.

When you use swim lesson management software, your school’s operations can be automated into a dashboard that organizes your information into a single place that’s accessible by desktop or phone. 

What Are The Major Benefits Of Swim Lesson Software?

With all of the daily tasks of your business automated, and all of the information you need for decision-making at your fingertips, you can take full control of your business. 

This is how implementing swim lesson software can lighten your load and build a business that is impossible to sink.

Schedule classes with ease 

The system you create to maintain and update your class schedules is a key component in keeping your swim school running smoothly. 

Once you create a schedule, your swim lesson software can make it available online to students and parents. From there, they can check for class availability, enroll for classes, or cancel at a moment’s notice right from your website. 

Offer online payments 

Most businesses are offering online payments, and with secure swim lesson management software, you can too! 

The best software makes it a cinch to calculate tuition, run discounts, set up recurring payments based on how frequently students attend classes, or even create payment plans. Simply decide on the details of your program and customize it to suit your specific needs. 

Improve student retention 

You need to build lasting relationships with your students and their parents to create a successful swim school. That requires that you keep the communication flowing. 

Swim lesson management software can help with this by building a calendar of communications, sending newsletters, updating social media, and providing email notices for special offers and upcoming events.

Lower your expenses 

Swim lesson software can help you stay on top of your finances by trimming unnecessary expenses. A streamlined system makes the administrative side of your business so much simpler. Consolidating data ensures that you don’t need to pay for multiple software tools, thereby reducing redundancies.

And, with automated scheduling and registration tools, your staff will be saved from hours of data entry and phone calls. An online process allows students and parents to handle the work of enrolling, giving your staff more time to teach in the water. 

Increase your revenue 

By cutting down on the time-wasting processes you once had in place, you’re instantly primed for an increase in revenue. 

Think about it this way: with new software freeing you up to do more, you’ll be able to roll back your resources while simultaneously taking on additional students and expanding your reach!

Swim Towards Progress 

With swim lesson software managing your back-end efforts, you’ll have more time to welcome students into the pool without sacrificing the service quality that made your school a success in the first place!

Jumping into the pool has never been easier when you have swim lesson software tools like Studio Director by your side. Enjoy doing what you do best while Studio Director manages online registration, scheduling, communications, payments, and more. Ready to see how it works? Set up a free demo to try out Studio Director today!

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