How To Find The Best Ballet Music For Kids (And 10 Examples!)

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Music is the foundation of dance. Whether a song has joyful or somber elements, it sets the tone for your class’s choreography and energy. The good news is that there are no rules when it comes to ballet music for kids. Consider this one of the best parts of your job, whether you’re a teacher or studio owner! Let creativity take over as you put together the perfect playlist for your dance studio.

What Should I Look For In Ballet Music For Beginners?

To start, ballet music for kids doesn’t always have to be traditional. Add flair and imagination to your classes by using a mix of classical music and upbeat ballet music. We share some of the best examples and playlists to get started with below.

Before that, there are several important things to consider as you look for ballet music for beginners. While there are no rules, the right music can help your students feel comfortable as they’re learning the basics.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you’re browsing.

Take a look at the length of a song

Classical music is known for longer pieces that take listeners through a journey. Chances are, though, your little ones aren’t quite ready for a 10-minute routine.

Look at the length of a song before adding it to your rotation of ballet music for beginners. Aim for pieces that are under a minute or two to start. If you love a song that’s much longer, there are often shortened versions available online.

Keep it simple

Your ballerina music shouldn’t be too complex at this stage.

Search for songs with clearly defined rhythms and simple progressions. This will make it easier for your students to learn choreography and feel how it flows to the music.

Listen to student feedback

Play your students a few different types of songs and ask them which ones they like. Take note of the similarities between them. Do they like fast music? Songs, like those from Disney movies, that they’re already familiar with?

Also, pay attention to their facial expressions and body language as younger kids may not be able to articulate what songs they love and why. Moving forward, take their likes and dislikes into consideration. You want them to feel excited about ballet class!

10 Examples Of Ballet Music For Kids

If you’re in need of a creative boost, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of ten songs, both classical and upbeat, that will get your students on their feet.

But, don’t stop here. There are entire Spotify playlists dedicated to ballet music for kids to explore! We’ve included links to these songs on Spotify, but most are also available on YouTube or other music services.

1. “Frere Jacque”

This classic nursery rhyme is quick and lighthearted, perfect for a warm-up on the ballet barre. Your smallest students will want to sing along as they dance to this number.

2. “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” from The Nutcracker

A popular, iconic pick during the holidays, the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” is a timeless classic. This song is perfect for any holiday recitals you may be planning.

3. “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin

Disney songs are a familiar favorite. Your students will enjoy dancing to this hit song from Aladdin as it provides opportunities for both slow and quick choreography.

4. Brahms’s Lullaby

Brahms’s Lullaby is perfect for a slow and simple routine. Your little ones are sure to know this tune too, which will make it easier for them to perform to.

5. “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder

If you’re looking for ballerina music for a recital, parents are sure to love this one. Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” is a tribute to the love and adoration parents have for their daughters.

6. Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”

At nearly three minutes, “Fur Elise” is a bit more complex with varied moods and rhythms. Use this piece to choreograph a number with your dancers split into separate groups or keep it for your older kids.

7. “You Are My Sunshine”

Another classic song beloved by children and parents, “You Are My Sunshine” is sentimental and upbeat. This joyful tune is a natural fit for short, but sweet choreography.

8. “We Know The Way” from Disney’s Moana

Use the rhythmic beat of this song from the popular Disney movie to help your students learn timing. It’s a short song, with a nice resounding finish. Parents will also love Lin Manuel Miranda’s heartfelt lyrics.

9. Mozart’s “Turkish March”

The “Turkish March” is widely known as a classical masterpiece. Give your students a new appreciation for tradition with this tune that is best suited for quick and buoyant choreography.

10. “The Entertainer”

Ballet should encourage play and fun, especially for children. “The Entertainer” is a perfect song to showcase the lighter side of ballet. Use colorful scarves as props and let your students show a little personality.

What Sound System Will I Need In My Dance Studio?

Once you have your music, it’s time to think sound system if you haven’t already. In general, you want to find a dance studio sound system that includes a music control system, speakers, and an amplifier. This is the best way to create an atmosphere where music truly fills the room. When your dancers can clearly hear the rhythm, they learn easily and can feel more confident.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on cutting-edge technology, but you will want a few features that can’t be found on older systems. In this day and age, look for a control system that includes a spot to plug in auxiliary cords or, if you’re hoping to go cord-free, search for a system that has Bluetooth capability. This will allow you to change the song, press pause, and adjust the volume from anywhere in the room.

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Music selection is just a small part of your dance studio, but it’s a fun and important one. Don’t let administrative tasks like invoices and registration overshadow the creative aspects of your business.

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