What Credit Card Processing Features Will I Have with The Studio Director?

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The Studio Director’s payment partnership with the best-in-class payment solution provider, PaySimple, now enables your studio to accept credit card payments easily. Directly in your dashboard, you’ll be able to track and manage all incoming credit card payments easily. If you’re an existing customer, or interested in starting out with The Studio Director, these are the credit card processing features you’ll enjoy by making the switch to accepting credit cards at your studio.

Why Is Credit Card Processing So Important?

Offering the easiest payment solution for your customers is key if you want to gain and keep customers.

People do not carry a checkbook anymore; most prefer to make payments online from the comfort of their own homes.

Further, your potential students or parents are often going to find your business by searching online for dance classes. If they end up on your website and only have to click a few buttons to register and pay for a class, they are more likely to do it. Most competitors in your market offer this option, and if you are one that does not, many will gravitate toward the other options in your area.

Beyond this, we discussed some of the other major benefits of credit card payments for studio owners in an earlier post. Put simply, accepting credit card payments gives you back more time and more reliable cash flow.

Our Credit Card Processing Features

At The Studio Director, we’re dedicated to making the administrative parts of your job easier. We know credit card processing is the most important billing option you can provide to your students today, but also one of the more complex changes to undertake.

That’s why we partner with the best-in-class payment solution, PaySimple. They make payments simple and straightforward for small businesses with the following features.

Reasonable fee structures

Whether you’re making the switch to credit card payments after using The Studio Director for years, or looking for an option for your new studio, we set all customers up with a complimentary rate review for your unique business. This ensures our credit card processing rates are the best fit for your sales volume.

We offer credit card processing rates at 2.49% per transaction. Depending on application details specific to your business, your studio may qualify for even lower processing rates.

Flexible payment and billing options

Flexible billing and payment options accelerate your cash flow and help both you and your customers save time. Payment features within The Studio Director keep your customer’s payment information securely on file for faster, expedited checkouts. Further, students who pay annual or monthly fees can select autopay billing, so their balances are collected automatically. This lets them set it and forget it for their subscription-based packages or membership dues. It also guarantees more reliable cash flow for your studio without the work of chasing down payments.

Your customers can also easily make one-time purchases for things like single class registration fees, costumes, merchandise, and events.

Both one-time and recurring credit card payments can be made online and in-person, at no extra cost to your studio.

PCI-compliant payments

Accepting credit card payments will make you responsible for the safety of your client’s sensitive financial and personal information. At The Studio Director, we take the proper measures for the highest security and privacy settings possible.

Our service complies fully with all Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Council standards. Credit card numbers are stored securely to minimize risk and keep all of your customers’ sensitive information safe and secure.

By accepting credit card payments, this also means that your transactions can be completed in one place. Carrying out transactions in separate offline and online systems can make it difficult to track your payment activities and could inadvertently put your customer’s credit card information at risk.

A dedicated customer service team

A helpful and responsive customer service team is incredibly important, especially as you’re starting out with these new credit card processing features.

Our award-winning customer service team is here to help when you need it. If you are processing a customer’s payment and something appears to go wrong, you can quickly talk to our customer service team that is made up of real-life humans. They’re always ready to help troubleshoot any technology or payment-related issues.

Simple Payments For Dance Studios

Processing payments for a dance studio is not the same as processing payments for a large corporation. Since The Studio Director specializes in working with dance studios, we provide you with lower rates and the features you need to better serve your students. By adding credit card functionality to your account, you’ll quickly see how it can optimize and simplify the way you do business.

Parents should be able to view all of their account information at any time. With an easy and fully transparent account layout, your clientele will feel comfortable answering any questions they have by simply going to your website. This will save you time from all of the emails and phone calls you would receive otherwise, and it will set them at ease to know that all of their information is accessible, no matter what time of day. They should be able to view exactly what they have paid, what they have left to pay and have the ability to update their account information whenever they need to.

You need to be sure you can trust the company that you are working with. Your clients want to know they can depend on you, and you need to know you can depend on your software. You are not just going to be paying them every month, you are putting your trust in them to handle the way your company runs and how your customers are going to view you. It may take a little more time and effort, but doing the research on your software company is worth it.

Make the time to get properly trained on the ins and outs of the software. Good software will not be difficult to navigate, but you still want to make sure that you are fully confident using its features. Doing so will allow you to run your business more efficiently and truly reap the benefits of the system you are paying for. Use the options provided to you for all the training you can get. Most software will offer online training, videos, and demos, as well as in person training if you so need it. Ask the customer service team if there is anything you are missing, such as features and tricks that could take your use of the system to the next level.

The credit card processor should already have experience doing business with dance studios. Processing payments for a dance studio is not the same as processing payments for a large multi-million dollar corporation. You do not want to have to worry about huge credit card fees. Use a company that already works with businesses like yours. A company that already specializes in working with dance studios will provide you with lower rates and save you hundreds to thousands of dollars each month.

What Does This Mean?

The whole point of studio management software is to make it easier for you and your customers to get the most out of your business and to help it continue to grow. By working with a program like The Studio Director, you will quickly see how every feature, including credit card processing, is programmed to optimize and simplify the way that you do business. For any more information on using credit card processing with your dance studio software, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Ready to accept credit card payments at your studio? Begin your free trial with The Studio Director or contact PaySimple if you’re already using The Studio Director!

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