How to Decide What Classes to Offer at Your Dance Studio

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Opening your own dance studio is the perfect way to live your passion and have a career and lifestyle that lets you do what you love most. Having your own place gives you the freedom to decorate how you want and run your studio the way that makes the most sense for you. It also gives you the unique chance to choose the exact class schedule that will work best for your customers. How should you go about choosing which types of dance and what kinds of classes to offer? Here are some tips to help you make the right choices for yourself and your students.

Give Current Customers a Survey

surveySurveying your current students is one easy way to figure out what to offer. Perhaps they love a certain class, but would like different times to choose from.  Perhaps students could let you know why another class has low enrollment. By taking into account what your customers want, you can create a schedule that ensures full enrollment in each class.

If you are just opening up, you could survey the surrounding community or interview parents at local schools to find out what they might be looking for. This information is very valuable as you decide whether you want to focus on modern dance, ballet or something else.  Surveys are easily sent via e-mail or snail mail.  Or as an alternative, simply ask around.

Choose a Variety of Dance

You might love ballet best, but it’s a good idea to incorporate several types of dance into your curriculum. This will broaden your client base and ensure that you have as many students as you need to keep your studio up and running. You might consider offering beginner to expert classes so that you can create a wide range of opportunities for students of all ages. Choose things that appeal to both males and females, which is another simple way to increase your customer list. Great options include ballet, jazz, ballroom dancing, hip hop, recreational dance, and anything else that people show an interest in.variety of dance

Competitive and Educational Classes

To truly be the best dance studio in your area, it’s a good idea to offer classes for those who simply want to learn how to dance while having fun. You also want to offer competitive classes for people who want dance to be a career in the future. Setting up a schedule is much easier when you use The Studio Director dance studio software to help you keep things in order. This is also an easy way to set up your schedule and teacher list so that you have things organized.  The Studio Director can help you to ensure that each class is staffed and ready when students arrive.

The perfect dance studio schedule is just one way to make your dance studio the absolute best. Of course, you will never want your class schedule to stay the same all the time. As your client list changes and the desires of your students evolve, you’ll want to make changes to your schedule as you go so that you can keep your students happy and your client list filled to capacity.

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