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Making the decision to open a studio of your own might seem like a no-brainer, but quite a bit goes into getting it off the ground and up and running. Decorating your studio is just one thing you need to think about. After all, you want yours to be the one that everyone considers when they decide to take a dance class. Here's what to think about when you deck your studio out.

Getting Started

Your first step when it comes to decorating your dance studio is to decide on a budget. Once you know how much cash you can comfortably spend on your decor, you will have the base you need for getting started. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do on a budget to create a welcoming and attractive dance studio that your guests will love just as much as you do. Then, create a spreadsheet that allows you to input your purchases so that you can stay on track with expenses and get what you want without spending more than you intended to.

Decorating the Walls

Many of your walls will be covered in large mirrors that let your dancers watch themselves perform. However, decorating the remaining wall space will really make your studio stand out among the rest. Wall decals are super easy to apply and are easy to switch out and move to keep things fresh and new all the time. You might also think about framing and hanging old dance costumes, especially those from special performances. They'll go with the overall dance theme of your studio and give guests something to enjoy looking at while they are at your studio.

The Common Areas

You'll need an area for parents and other people waiting for dancers. Comfortable seating and lighting is a very important aspect of making your waiting room welcoming and a place that people won't mind spending their time. Hang lovely vintage prints of famous dancers against a soothing wall color, such as peach, blue or green. Make sure that all aspects of your room coordinate so that things meld well instead of looking strange and mismatched. Bathrooms and locker rooms should also be clean and pleasant to look at with great wall colors, framed art and comfortable furniture. Again, matching is important for a cohesive look.

Private Areas

Even the areas of your dance studio that are only for you to see should be attractive. It is much more enjoyable to go to work if you are surrounded by things that you love. Perhaps you’ll opt to hang photos from your own dancing years on the walls of your office or you’d like to scatter your bookshelves with meaningful mementos. Your personal bathroom should also be clean and lovely to look at.

If you are at a standstill when it comes to decorating your dance studio, hiring a designer can help. She will give you potential ideas for the space you're working with so that you can choose what you like and what you don't. Together, you and your designer can create a plan for how you want your dance studio to look so that the finished product is a dance studio you are proud of and that you love spending time in, even while you're working instead of dancing.

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