Drip E-mail Campaigns and E-mail Templates

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Drip Picture for blogLast June we updated The Studio Director software so that you now have the ability to set up drip e-mail campaigns.  But you may be asking yourself, what exactly is a drip e-mail campaign and how would I use it for my dance/gymnastics business?

With the drip e-mails, you can set The Studio Director up so that certain e-mails are sent out automatically.  This helps you to automatically reach out to customers to help build a relationship with them.

There are three types of e-mail campaigns that can be set up:

  • Prospective customers – This campaign contacts customers that create an account by entering in their family contact information but have not enrolled in any classes.
  • New customers – This campaign contacts customers when they enroll in a class for the very first time.
  • Birthday – This campaign sends a birthday wish to your students.

The neat part about this feature is that you drive when you want the e-mails to be sent.  Do you want the Prospects to get an initial e-mail the next day with a follow up in a week?  Do you want New customers to get a third e-mail within a few weeks?  Do you want Birthday wishes to be sent out on the actual birthday?  No problem!  You tell The Studio Director exactly when to send the e-mails.  You can even create additional e-mails to send out.

WAIT THERE’S MORE!!  In addition to the automatic e-mails that can now be sent out, you can now create a template for the e-mails that you always send out (like newsletters).  This way, you can save off e-mails that you send out on a regular basis.  You only need to tweak them as necessary to include new information.

You can find the drip e-mail templates and manage the campaigns by going to the E-mail/Text tab.  All of the e-mail templates can be found by selecting the Manage E-mail Templates link.  This is where you would create the e-mails that you want to send.  All of the drip campaigns can be managed by selecting the Manage Drip E-mail Campaigns link.  This is where you would define how often to send out an automatic e-mail.  On the next page, simply select the blue name of the campaign you are trying to manage.  Or as always, you can contact our support team to help walk you through the process.

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