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Tiny-DancersSpring is almost here and the end of your dance season is fast approaching. The next big thing coming for your dance studio is the end-of-year recital. While you may already know the performances that each class is doing, there is still lots of work to do. Which students are performing? What order will the performances be in? Who will help out? How will you sell the tickets?


Did you know that The Studio Director has a robust event planning feature that can help you? With The Studio Director event/recital feature, you can:

  • Identify each performance in the event. Not only can you identify the song, but you can identify things like the length, volunteers, choreographer, and fees.
  • Post global fees associated with each performance or the event/recital. You can post a fee for each time the student is actually performing, or one fee for the overall event/recital, or both.
  • Indicate which performances the student is dancing in. Students in multiple classes do not always participate in each performance for each class. With The Studio Director, you can indicate the specific performances that the student is participating in.
  • Have The Studio Director help you order your performances. Ensuring there is enough time for things like costume changes is an important part of a smooth event/recital. The Studio Director can help you to order your performances so that all students have enough time between performances.
  • Create a basic event/recital program. This can be the foundation for a more elaborate event program that you can use to hand out to families as they attend the event/recital.


Once you have the event/recital in place, selling tickets is your next big hurdle. With The Studio Director, you can create general admission tickets for your families to purchase. Limits can be placed so that each student and family is ensured of having tickets. You can also partner with one of the ticket management services (like ShOvation or Tutu Tix) to handle your event. The Studio Director can take your families from the on-line registration portal directly to the website that is handling your tickets.
There are training videos, recorded webinars, and on-line help available to you to assist you in using our event/recital feature. And, as always, you can contact us for training or assistance.

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