How To Create Your Gymnastics Registration Form

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Once you’ve started a gymnastics business, a solid registration process makes running your gym easier, especially when your schedule starts filling up. Whether families are enrolling for the first time or your students are old pros, here’s how to create a gymnastics registration form that meets

Why Is Gymnastics Registration So Important?

Gymnastics registration is a crucial part of onboarding families to your gymnastics gym. This is the place for them to not only get important information into your system, but to also express their preferences for classes and learn a bit about your gym.

A comprehensive gymnastics registration form keeps all student and family information in one place. Some gymnastics registration forms also protect your liability and include waivers that outline parent, athlete, teacher, and gym rights and responsibilities. These protect everyone training in the gym.

Registration forms also ensure that you are scheduling teachers and classes that fit what students need. If you have more students sign up for classes than you have equipment or instructors, that can be a hard phone call to make.

Gymnastics registration software takes all of these benefits one step further by automating your administrative tasks. Parents can register online, fill out a well-crafted registration form, and complete payment! On your end, you’ll know exactly how many students are signed up for a class, have automatic “class full” notifications, and be able to link registration forms directly to your payment system to make signing up a breeze.

What Are The Basic Elements Of A Gymnastics Registration Form?

What are the basic elements of a gymnastics registration form? They can certainly vary, depending on the services you offer and the level of instruction, but there are some common elements.

At a minimum, yours should include the following.

Basic information

Request basic information on all forms, including:

  • Student name (and preferred nickname)
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone number
  • Address
  • Age
  • Gender and/or preferred pronouns
  • Physical limitations
  • Insurance coverages
  • Emergency contact
  • Liability waiver

This is the very least amount of information you should ask for in your initial gymnastics registration.

Class preferences and previous experience

Your gymnastics registration form will likely also include a space for students to sign up for classes, note their preference for upcoming classes, and explain their previous gymnastics experience.

This final section might include not only previous experience in terms of classes, but also apparatus and styles of gymnastics they’ve done.

Acceptance of gym policies and procedures

This is a big one. Do you prefer that parents stay out of the gym during their student’s class time? Are there certain dress codes or procedures that you have in place? Are students required to participate in competitions or meets?

Including policies and procedures on your registration forms helps clarify your gym’s culture. Not every gym fits every family, and this helps you both to find a good place.

Payment forms

Another option to make your registration forms a one-stop shop is to include a section for payments. Most people use credit cards to make payments; make it part of your options.

With online gymnastics registration forms, you can add a place for parents to make a one-time payment for events or competitions, or opt in to recurring payments for monthly dues. Recurring payments makes it easier for parents to set and forget and further streamlines your administrative tasks!

Referral information

Knowing who or what sent new students to your gym can be very helpful when it comes to marketing. It helps you determine which types of advertising and marketing is working and which you can let go.

For gyms that are just starting out (or for those with limited marketing budgets), referral information helps you to decide where to focus your advertising dollars.

Special events

Some of this information might be included on other forms, but if not, a “special events” gymnastics registration form is good to have on hand.

This form will vary depending on the event, but generally includes:

  • Emergency contact information (critical for traveling competitions)
  • Costume sizing
  • Ticket orders
  • Any medical issues
  • Insurance information that might be necessary in case of injury

How To Switch To Online Gymnastics Registration

As we’ve noted here, switching to online gymnastics registration is easier for parents and for you, keeping all student information in one place. It helps you make decisions in terms of teacher staffing and class planning and helps transmit the culture of your gym right at the beginning. It makes registration effortless.

Whether you’re just starting your gym or updating a paper-based system, you can switch to online gymnastics registration with three easy steps.

1. Choose (and then get to know) your gymnastics registration software

It’s hard to guide families through the transition if you aren’t familiar with your tools. Take your time to select gymnastics registration software that is intuitive to use and helps lighten your administrative load. Some programs will come with a gymnastics registration form template. Others might give you the option to customize gymnastics registration forms to fit your needs.

Either way, make sure you know how to use the software so you can assist families when they sign up. You can learn more about the benefits and features of gymnastics registration software here.

2. Let your families know

Families who are prepared for this change are more likely to take it in stride. Give them plenty of time to explore your gymnastics registration forms before making a switch (or asking them to fill out new forms).

The same goes with your staff. They should have plenty of time to explore the system before announcing to students, so they can answer questions that arise.

3. Offer support during the transition

Some families may not have access to technology to sign up at home. Others may be brand-new to the whole process and need guidance. Set up some systems to support these families.

You might consider offering an open house or a set period of time before classes where families can come in and register at the gym. Set up a tablet at your front desk to make it simple. That way you can guide them through the process and minimize frustration.

Grow Your Gymnastics Gym

The Studio Director knows you want to spend your time growing your gym. We can help you manage and automate the administrative parts of your business with tools like online registration so you can focus on what matters most to you.

If you’d like to know more about how The Studio Director’s gymnastics registration software can help you automate and streamline your administrative tasks like registration and online payments, contact our team today.

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