How to Pick the Best Martial Studio Software

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If you’re managing a martial arts studio, selecting the best martial arts studio software to fit your needs is an important decision. In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know when picking the best martial arts studio software for your business.

What is martial arts studio software?

Martial arts studio software offers a way for you to streamline your operations and make managing your business easy. It can help you increase your sales and decrease costs by saving you and your employees time. It’s also a great way to increase customer satisfaction because it can streamline processes like billing, and scheduling, making your clients’ lives easier. 

What are your studio’s needs?

To pick the best software for you, it’s important first to assess your current and future business needs. Here are some common problems that martial arts studio software can help solve:

Customer management 

At the core of any martial arts studio is a customer relationship management system that allows you to track your student’s data. The best martial arts studio software will allow you to track basic contact information, birthdays, attendance, skills being developed, achievements, notes, and more.  

Online registration and enrollment

Another key component of martial arts studio software is the ability for customers to enroll in your studio, see schedules, and register for individual classes. Again, the best martial arts studio software will provide this capability. 

Payment processing

Gone are the days when people pay cash or write checks. Now people are used to setting up payment once and then having their credit card billed automatically. The best software will help you manage payments and provide seamless auto-processing to create ease for your customers and a consistent cash flow for your business. 


It’s important to stay in contact with your customers. The best software will provide a way for you to communicate via email and text with all your customers in a streamlined way. 

Event planning

If you put on competitions or other special events, it’s important to find software to help you manage them. You’ll want a software to help you coordinate schedules, manage uniforms, and even help sell tickets for the competitions. 


The best software will provide tools to help you market your business. For example, you’ll want to look for software that provides integrations with Google to allow people that find you in Google search to book a free introductory class easily. Ideally, the best software can also leverage client data like birthdays and special achievement to trigger automatic emails and text alerts to help you communicate automatically with your customers, send them special promotions, and create good will. 

Reporting and Metrics

Data plays a huge role in modern businesses. With a good management software, you will have easy access to reports and metrics that will allow you to make your business more efficient and help increase your bottom line. For example, the right software can help you track attendance, understand if people are going to be aging out, and even alert you to past due payments. 


Accounting is many business owner’s least favorite part of running their business. However, it is also one of the most important aspects of running a business. The right software will allow you to integrate the software with your accounting system to make accounting easier and more automated. 

Technical support

Many software options sound amazing, but once they have your money, they lack customer support. It’s important to look for software that offers great customer support so you can quickly get up to speed on the software, and save yourself from spending hours trying to figure out the system. When reviewing software options, make sure their support team is available during the hours you need them. You’ll also want to  ensure you can get someone on the phone and not just email support. 

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The best martial arts studio software automates how you manage your business so you can spend more of your time on the work you love. 

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