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Welcome to our very first blog post for The Studio Director! We are new to blogging so feel free to give us feedback as we set out to trek through the blogging world! Today, we are talking about costumes.

In case you are unfamiliar with The Studio Director, we are an on-line software management application for dance and gymnastics studios that can help you to manage the revenue side of your business. We feel that we are the best dance studio software that you can find (of course!) Give us a call and we would be happy to review how our software can help your business.

So, enrollment has settled down a bit and classes are dancing along. In all your free time (HAH), you are starting to think about costumes for your events/recitals.

Ugh!! All that paperwork! Writing down each costume for each class. Keeping track of measurements for all the students (who has been measured and who has not?) Determining all those sizes and then ordering all the costumes!

If only there was something to help…


Well, there is!! The Studio Director can help you do all of this. You can keep track of everything about your costumes within The Studio Director.

There are two ways to manage your costumes:

  1. You can define the costume for each class that is participating in your event/recital. You can enter your student measurements, have The Studio Director help you to size your costumes, and easily post global costume fees using our costume feature. You can even generate an invoice that you can then send to the vendor. We have training videos that you can access anytime via our ‘Help’ button or you can always schedule a training session with one of our support personnel to review the costume feature.
  2. Our partner, Costume Manager, can help you to order, track, and distribute your costumes. Costume Manager works with The Studio Director to transfer your student measurements and costume information between Costume Manager and our software. You can earn a rebate that we will apply to your monthly Studio Director costs. If you order enough costumes, you could even get The Studio Director for free! Visit the Costume Manager website for more information about their services or you can contact us a 877-688-3870.

Even if you don’t want to use either of the above, The Studio Director can help you to post your global fees. We have several options available to help with your costume fees.

A final note, we will be holding a webinar in October to review the Costume Mangaement feature. Look for an e-mail announcement or check out our Facebook page for details soon to come.

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