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In the perfect world, all parents would pay their entire amount due on-time every time. You would never need to remind them. They would always give you payment in full well before the due date.

If by chance you don’t live in that world, read on. If you do live in that world, please share your secrets!

I would say that most of you have had to ask a parent to pay more than once at some point in time. After all, we are all human. And checkbooks are forgotten. Or students forget to hand over the check (I usually found mine at the bottom of their bags). Or Dad was suppose to pay this month instead of Mom. All kinds of things happen.

Taking credit card payments is something that can help.

And guess what?

The Studio Director provides a fully integrated credit card option for only $30 per month (plus the merchant/gateway account fees).

I know what you’re thinking – it’s going to be another expense! But consider this:

  • Parents can go on-line and pay at any time. It can be 11 o’clock at night and your parents could still log in and make their tuition payment.
  • On-line payments are automatically entered into the family ledger. You’ll even get an e-mail notification when someone makes a payment on-line.
  • You get the recurring payment plan with the feature. Parents can enroll in the recurring payment plan so that you can simply charge the credit card each month. No more tracking down the customers to make a payment.

Money-ClockYour time is money!! The more time that you can save by allowing on-line payments and implementing recurring billing, the more time you have to spend teaching your classes. And while it does cost to have the feature, you can make up that cost by your potential new clients and getting payments on-time.

To get more information about our credit card feature, give us a call at 877-688-3870 or send us an e-mail at [email protected]

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