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Ballerinas Dancing

Did you happen to see the exciting new updates The Studio Director recently added to the Event/Recital feature?  You can now:

“Drag and drop” your performances

This is a way for you to quickly change the order of your performances.  To move a performance, simply click and hold on the order number.  Drag the performance to the place that you want and release your mouse button.  The Studio Director will automatically move the performance to a new place in the order.

Lock performances

This is a way to do things like making it so the opening number performance is always first in line when you have The Studio Director automatically order your performances or an intermission always occurs at a certain order number.  To lock a performance, simply click on the padlock icon next to the order number.  To unlock, click on the same icon.

Add intermissions/breaks or special performances for groups or solos.

You now have the ability to identify an intermission/break and performances like solos that are not necessarily associated with a specific class.

Automatically order your performances with more performance between each performance.

The Studio Director can now automatically order your performances so there are no back-to-back performances or you can identify that there must be 1, 2, 3, etc. performances between each performance.  You can select up to 4 performances between each performance.

See all performances for a class.

When you look at the performances for a class, you can now see all the performances for that class.

Copy performances to other events.

If you have a performance that is the same for an afternoon event as the evening event, you can now copy that performance from one event to the other.

Print or e-mail an event confirmation to students.

This is a good way to let students know the specific performances they are in.  If you print the report, each student will print on a separate page so that you can hand them out.

All of these new features are based on YOUR feedback about our event feature so keep your feedback/suggestions coming.  We love hearing about ways to improve The Studio Director software from our dance and gymnastics studios!

If you have any questions about the new event features or would like some training, please contact our support team at 877-688-3870 or [email protected].

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