As a studio owner, you already know that your paying customers are what drives your business. However, nothing can cause your business to come to a screeching halt faster than issues with non-payment.

Expired credit cards and delinquent payments from customers can be a huge headache for you. You have to chase customers down, ask them awkward questions about their finances, and potentially, tell them their membership is cancelled. But there is a way to help alleviate the pain. Keep reading to learn how studio management software can help.

Setup Bill Pay Online

With studio management software, you can allow your students to pay for their classes online with a credit card or an electronic check. When a student registers for a new class, they enter their payment information from your website, and can instantly pay you for that class. You won't have to remind them when a new balance is due either.

One of the most common reasons people don't pay is simply because it slips their mind. They know they owe you, but if you and they both forget to handle it, before you know it weeks or even months could go by without the bills being paid. Both parties needing a reminder is eliminated with software because when new payments are due, students will automatically be sent a studio branded email that includes:

  • The current balance owed
  • The due date of that balance
  • A link to pay instantly online

Imagine, students being able to handle the payments without you needing to be there in person for the transaction. No more chasing payments at the studio with awkward conversations about forgotten checkbooks or credit cards. Invoices can be paid any time, even if it's after the studio has closed for the day.

Process Payments Automatically

In addition to allowing your students to pay their bills online, you can also set up recurring payments that will charge their accounts automatically. It's as easy as entering the amount owed, and having the monthly or quarterly payment transferred to your business on the due date. Without any additional effort your students will be current on their monies owed.

Studio management software allows you to see which students are on auto-pay as well. This gives you a targeted list of the students who are not yet using the feature, so you can effortlessly send emails to them, marketing the auto-pay option as an easy way to keep up with their class fees.

Expired Credit Card Issues Are Handled For You Too

In the event a client tries to pay a bill with an expired credit card, or there is an issue with a recurring payment, they will be notified immediately via email. Forget about those awkward conversations! You won't have to worry with asking them for a new credit card to add to their file, let alone keep track of if it's going to expire soon. All of that is handled on your behalf with our studio management software.

Manage Payments for Events and Supplies Efficiently

If you run a dance studio, for example, you can also set up any and all associated recital fees to be managed online instead of having to manually keep track of who has paid and who hasn't. Another example would be a fitness studio needing to add payment for a special paid event – again, fees and processing can be easily managed without you having to put in additional time and resources securing those funds for those events.

If your classes require certain supplies for your clients, those payments can be managed online as well. Clients can go online, order what they need, and pay for it - all you have to do is fill the order and have it ready for them to pick up when they are in the studio. Studio management software will also keep you informed as to how many of those supplies are remaining in your inventory so that you can replenish them when needed. It’s like having a full time employee managing all the heavy lifting for you for one low cost each month.

Make it Easier to Make Money

Bottom line, The Studio Director makes taking and processing payments easier, saving you time, money and hassle. By giving you at least one less thing to worry about, you can get back to focusing on actually running your business.

Interested in giving us a test run? Try our product completely free for 30 days. If by the end of the trial it's not right for you, no hard feelings. But, we're willing to bet that you'll enjoy it so much, you'll wish you'd had it sooner!
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