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In response to COVID-19, many of the studios we serve are making decisions around temporary closings or reduced hours. We realize this is a challenging time and doing the best for the safety of your studio and students must come first.

As your studio management service provider, we are in support of the hard decisions you are making and want to provide guidance where possible.

We’ve gathered advice, actions, and thoughts from industry leaders and studio owners nationwide to share back with you here. As always, our dedicated support staff is here to help should you need to adjust your business to these changing situation

Guidance on Serving Your Students

COVID-19 has impacted studios nationwide and with it, the students and parents of students. We believe the best approach to take in this time to manage your customers and students is a thoughtful one.

  • Communicate to customers consistently and respectfully. Your customers should hear from you about changes made to operating hours or classes. They also should know when they will hear from you again; providing assurance. Aim to respectfully remove emotions from communications, delivering only the necessary information in this time.
  • Protect your students and your staff by following cleaning and disinfection guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Remain extra cautious as COVID-19 can remain active for several hours to days depending on the surface.
  • Provide free online resources you’ve found online or created yourself such as, back-to-basics tutorials, advanced skills training sheets or coloring pages and quizzes for parents.

Guidance on Serving Your Business

We understand that for a lot of studio owners, your studio is your sustainability. Though challenges have become present for all, there are ways to carry on and prepare for times beyond current disruption.

  • Foster collaboration with other studios. Share obstacles and successes with other studio owners in your local area or connect online. The amazing network of studio owners just like you are sharing personal advice and resources on social and other outlets such as this online resource center for dance studios provided by industry leader, Misty Lown.
  • Add to your studio offerings with online. Many studios are transitioning some or all classes to online to keep business fluid at this time. Free video software like Zoom, YouTube or Google Classroom helping make that happen.
  • Connect with your legal professional on added classes that may require additional waivers from students.
  • Offer special pricing to boost memberships now and later. Consider combining an online class promotion with a discount to in-studio classes that can be applied at a future time. Help parents out and increase students with sibling discounts and referral programs.
  • Remain flexible to retain your existing customers. Consider allowing members to share their membership with a friend that is a new member for a discount. Or add a new membership plan with adjusted pricing to do so.
  • Conveniently collect payments. Make it easy for customers to pay with credit card during uncertain times and limit in-person payments with online payments from your customers.
  • Reduce studio expenses where possible. Review all costs and make adjustments where possible. Should your studio transition to online or be temporarily closed, you may need to cancel cleaning services.
  • Handle hard financial conversations now for a better tomorrow. Make calls to your bank to inquire about payment deferrals or reductions. Explore COVID-19 disaster relief assistance eligibility through the U.S. Small Business Administration.

We are actively compiling more actions and information for studio owners as the situation continues to evolve. Continue to check back here for added posts to help your studio navigate this time. We support you.

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