How To Find The Right Dance Event Management Software

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When it’s time to showcase student skills, come together to build community, or spread the word about a new program or offering, dance events are the go-to for studios of every size. Whether you’re planning large recitals, small private events, in-person events, or virtual showcases, dance events are a great way to increase studio revenue and to show off your dancers’ talents and hard work. Dance event management is complicated, but Studio Director’s online dance event software can help you pull it off.

How To Organize A Dance Event

Organizing a great dance event means more than just making the announcement and showing up on the day. You’ll need to put a few tools early in place to make sure that everyone is hitting the right lead.

Pick a theme or a focus

Are you offering an end-of-season presentation of what students have learned? A showcase of exceptional talent? A competition? Or are you just inviting the community to learn more about your studio?

Will you have a holiday theme, or does each teacher get to choose the direction they’d like to go? Start with the theme and let that guide other decisions (e.g., refreshments, swag for sale, decorations, etc).

Pick a location

If you are holding the dance event in your studio, do you have ample space for seating? If not, it might be good to consider finding another venue, and early.

Even though holding an event away from the studio means hauling gear to that location, it can be easier than trying to accommodate everyone who wants to participate in a small studio.

For more intimate or private events, your own studio might be the perfect fit. Tailor the location to your needs.

Make a list of technical needs

Consider everything you need for your dance event. This includes lighting and sound, plus the people who know how to run them.

If your event is being held at an alternate location, see if you’ll be able to load-in the night before. This will give you extra time to set up sound and lighting and run through the cues.

Decide on the schedule – and stick to it

Nothing ruins a dance event like a poorly run schedule. Plan the whole day out, and make sure to start and end each program on time. Share the schedule with your key organizers, teachers, and students.

Spread the word

Social media and emails are great ways to generate excitement and build support for your dance event.

Online dance studio management software can help with integrated communications tools. For example, Studio Director’s online dance event software features integrated email marketing tools that reach your entire mailing list with just a few clicks. Direct them right to your website to buy tickets to the event or purchase costumes.

Order costumes and accessories

Give students ample time to get costume orders in so that no one is left out on the big day.

Ordering can be one of the biggest challenges in dance event management, so make sure to start early and keep good track of which students need what costumes. Use a tool like Studio Director to make online costume orders seamless.

Assign roles for the day of the event

Who is going to take care of what on the day of the event? Will you have volunteers to help dress younger dancers? Who will manage the stage, lighting, and sound? If you have refreshments, who will coordinate set-up, service, and clean-up?

Features To Look For In Dance Event Management Software

Dance event management is a job in and of itself, but dance event management software can make it easier.

With so many options, these are the main features to look for when choosing dance event management software:

  1. Online dance event registration
  2. Multiple convenient payment options
  3. Costume ordering and management
  4. Built in communication tools

1. Online dance event registration

Online dance event registration is one of the most important pieces of every dance event. Your teachers shouldn’t have to collect checks and keep track of who has registered for your dance event, and neither should you.

Even better, online dance event registration makes it easy for attendees to purchase tickets and attend.

2. Multiple convenient payment options

Streamlined billing options should be standard with your dance event management software.

Studio Director uses PaySimple’s integrated payment solutions for easy billing and ticket sales. This also allows for recurring or one-time payments, as well as debit and credit card payments in person or online.

3. Costume ordering and management

Of all of the online dance event management software options you have, Studio Director is one of the only ones that allows you to coordinate costume ordering along with ticket sales.

This means easy ordering and registration for families and students, plus seamless tracking of who has paid, who still needs a costume, and who is ready to go.

4. Built-in communication tools

Nothing stops a dance event in its tracks like a schedule that goes off the rails. It’s like a snowball rolling downhill: one performance starts late, then another, and suddenly you are looking at a hall full of angry families, milling children, and a poor impression on your guests.

Studio Director’s built-in communication tools mean that you can easily pull up contact information if something changes last-minute. Teachers get sick, schedules change – in short, there are delays that are unavoidable. When issues arise, easily communicate with all participants to make changes as needed.

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