How To Create A Dance Studio Registration Form For Classes And Competitions

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If you own a dance studio, you know that your studio is full of bustling activity during certain times of year. For studios geared towards children, this usually happens at the beginning and end of every school year. Parents want to sign their kids up for activities, whether it’s for after school or during summer vacation. During these busy times, registration becomes one of the most important aspects of your business. Here’s what to include on your dance studio registration form for easy sign-ups.

10 Basic Elements Of A Dance Studio Registration Form

There are certain elements of a dance studio registration form that are always important to include, whether it’s online or on paper. You want to make sure you can gather the information you need, while also making the process convenient for your dancers and their parents.

As you begin to create your dance class registration and dance competition registration forms, make sure you include these important sections.

1. Student information

The first part of your dance studio registration form should gather basic information about the student. At the very least, this will include:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email address

2. Parent or guardian information

Ask parents or legal guardians to provide their contact details. This should be a separate section from the child’s information, in case they don’t live with their children full-time.

It’s important to get your mailers, phone calls, and messages to the right place.

3. Communication preferences

Allow students and parents to choose their communication preferences. Options will usually include mail, phone, or email.

Some dance studios even send important alerts, such as class cancellations, via text message. If you’re interested in doing this, include a section where parents can opt-in to receive text messages.

4. Emergency contact

An emergency contact section is essential for any dance class registration.

Provide plenty of space for various phone numbers, including home, work, and cell phone. Allow enough room for at least two separate emergency contact individuals.

5. Medical conditions

Ask parents to list any allergies, medical conditions, and prior injuries. They should also include details about medication the student may need to keep on hand.

Your dance teachers should always be aware of any students with unique circumstances.

6. Liability waiver

A liability waiver helps protect your business from expensive legal matters. The waiver should communicate the physical risks associated with dance classes, and release your studio from liability for any injuries.

Getting hurt is always possible while dancing, even with skilled teachers and a safe studio. Your students and parents should acknowledge this with a signature. Make sure your liability waiver is legally sound by having a local attorney review it beforehand.

7. Enrollment

In some cases, your students may want to enroll in several different classes. Some studio owners prefer to clearly list each class provided at the studio directly on their forms. This allows students to simply put a checkmark next to each class they would like to enroll in.

If your classes change often, you can just leave space for them to fill in the classes they’d like to take. Provide a detailed list of the classes you offer, either online or on a separate handout.

8. Payment method

Most people will opt for recurring debit or credit card payments for classes. This is convenient for both you and your clients. However, some people still wish to pay using personal checks.

Your registration form should disclose the types of payment you accept, along with detailed instructions about submitting those payments. For instance, if you accept personal checks, be clear about when payments will be due and who the checks should be made out to. If you handle payments online, through credit card payments or recurring billing, note how they’ll set this up as well.

9. Policy acceptance

Dance studios usually have various policies in place related to conduct, dress code, and even absences. Be sure to include a detailed overview of your studio’s rules.

Require your dancers and/or their parents to initial each bullet point in addition to providing a dated signature that they’ve read and agree to comply with these policies.

10. Referral information

It’s helpful to ask new students how they heard about your studio. This will give you insight into which of your marketing efforts are really working.

This will also be important information if you have a program that incentivizes teachers or students for referrals.

Competitions And Costumes: More Options For Registration

If you plan to take your students to competitions, you’ll need a separate, but similar registration form.

Just like your dance class registration, a dance competition registration form should include information for both the student and parents. This is where an emergency contact will become even more important in case of an injury while traveling.

You may also want to gather measurements and sizing information if you plan to rent or order costumes.

How To Create Online Registration For Dance Studios

We live in a digital age. Many parents and students will simply expect to have the option of registering online. If you aren’t savvy with computers, this may seem daunting, however software solutions can make online registration for dance studios easy. With no heavy lifting on your part, you can create registration forms and integrate ways to accept one-time or recurring payments from parents. A solution that’s custom-made for dance studios may also allow parents to directly order and pay for items like costumes or competition fees online.

The Studio Director is a unique type of software designed with studio owners in mind. We take the guesswork out of the important tasks needed to run a successful dance studio, streamlining the work so you can focus on your passion.

If you’re interested in hearing how our dance studio software can help you automate and streamline your administrative tasks like registration and payments, contact us today. Or, try out our dance studio management software with our FREE 15-day trial.

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