If you are looking for the best dance studio software, you will quickly realize there is not just one option out there. Every company will claim that their software is the best one to use, so you will need to know exactly what you are looking for in order to make this call for yourself. It will help if you take a second to think about the reasons why you are looking for software solutions in the first place.

That way you can be sure that you are at least fixing the issues you are already aware of. Still, there are so many other things that a good software can provide for you that you probably didn't know were possible. In this article, we will help you make an educated decision by explaining the most essential features that every dance studio software should provide.

#1 - Online Registration


Giving your students and their families the opportunity to sign up for classes online allows them to sign up whenever it is most convenient for them. Many business owners wait for prospective students to call and ask about classes, but it is becoming increasingly uncommon for people to do so. The generation of text messaging and Venmo prefers to do everything with the click of a button and with as little human interaction as possible.

After thinking about it this way, presenting your clientele with the easiest option for registration is a no-brainer. The success of your business is greatly dependent on you keeping up with the times, or you will be a mere side thought in comparison with your competitors.

Converting your registration process to the internet will provide you with the benefits of:

  • An easy way to promote your business and give yourself a persona that reflects the way you wish to be seen
  • Offering convenience to customers who you would not have reached otherwise
  • Providing information directly to your client’s homes without having to be accessible via phone 24/7
  • Cutting costs due to needing less paper forms for registering students
  • The option for clients to sign up for your studio at any time of day

#2 - A Top Notch Customer Service Team

This is probably the biggest one considering that so many dance studio owners are hesitant to try software out for fear of not being able to use it correctly. Putting your business in the hands of technology can be daunting, especially if you have trouble using computers as it is. A good software will come with a customer service team that is readily available to help you use it whenever you have the need.

If the company has made sure to provide this service for their clients, their customer service team will be:

  • Easy to access no matter what the issue is or the time of day. Those reaching out for support when having difficulties with software have, no doubt, already become extremely frustrated. Not everything can be figured out intuitively, so help can be necessary at times. Therefore, being able to find the “support” link and reach someone immediately is a must.
  • Patient and understanding. There is nothing worse than asking for help just to be talked down to. This is why people get to the level of frustration they do before reaching out, because they do not want to admit that they are having trouble for fear of seaming incompetent. A good customer service agent will help the person to feel heard and understood, while quickly and efficiently solving the issue for them.
  • Used to these inquiries and educated on the best way to teach you how to navigate them. A customer service team member in the position of helping you use their software should never respond as if they are at a loss for how to fix your problem. Their first response should be along the lines of “I can help you or find someone else that will”.

If there is a software you are considering, do not hesitate to get on the phone with the customer service team and feel out how they handle your questions. This will help you to gauge the way you will be treated if you have any reason to reach out to them while using their product.

#3 - Mobility


You and your staff cannot be at your studio 24 hours a day, doing paperwork and managing things. As we have mentioned repeatedly in this article, people will be reaching out to you whenever it is most convenient for them. On top of that, you have other affairs that need handling within your life. With a management app that is accessible through your mobile device, you will be able to do your office work from any location with an internet connection.

This will give you the ability to:

  • Save time and minimize your workload. The mobile app will give parents the ability to enroll their kids, pay outstanding bills, make updates about their payment information and current address, check schedules/calendars, and view photos or videos. Most of the time, they will not require your assistance to accomplish these things, and they will be doing your work for you by doing so. If they do require any assistance from you, you will have the ability to connect with them easily through the mobile software.
  • Provide your parents and students with top notch customer service. Just as you may need assistance from your software’s customer service team, your clients will also be looking for the same. The more that you do to make it obvious that you care about the quality of service they receive, the more likely they will stick with you, rather than go off looking at other activities that seem better for their children and easier for them to handle.
  • Heighten your professionalism. Technology will help you to carry out fast, accurate, and personal communication. You will  have a simple and easy way to keep your parents involved in what is happening at your studio. This will give them a reason to respect you as well as feel like they are a part of something respectable.

#4 - Revenue Tracking And Reporting

An online system that is responsible for processing your payments will easily be able to track your revenue. For this task, the appropriate software will:

  • Include point of sale payment processing
  • Include recurring fee payments
  • Keep everything centralized within one system
  • Give you the ability to apply discounts and prorating
  • Allow you to set different fee structures as needed for classes, competitions, and other fee-based activities and services

Within this realm, you will want to be sure that the software collects your money in a clear and efficient fashion. This will help you to assess the software’s capabilities of tracking your funds. The right software will give you the means to pay for all of your bills at the click of a button and adjust accounts based on unique situations, such as holidays or special circumstances for which you so choose.

The most necessary feature to look for is an overview dashboard that will give you a mapped out chart of your business’s current financial condition. This dashboard should show you all of your financial information, including the status of any past due fees. It will also predict the future of your revenue and class registration based on the trends you have seen thus far. With this information you will be able to organize your funds accordingly and keep yourself from getting into any uncomfortable money issues.

#5 - Portals To Communicate Easily With Parents and Staff


Portals geared toward your communication needs with parents and staff are a tool that dance studio software provides which you are not going to find anywhere else. These portals are how you are able to have a 24/7, streamlined way to keep everyone updated and informed on news and important information. On top of that, you would know more than anyone that, parents always have questions about something or another. Even if your website has all of the answers, they want to be able to ask you directly and feel heard. The portal will also provide them with:

  • Notifications of their payments and fees
  • An easy payment process
  • The option to receive reminders that payments will be due or are overdue
  • Real time account and class information

The portals will provide you with:

  • A primary communication tool
  • The ability to send mass emails to segments of your contact list
  • Text messaging for emergency announcements
  • A portal to communicate with staff that is equipped with security settings that give the staff members of your choosing access
  • The ability to save on payroll with a tool that includes time tracking
  • A way to manage the schedule on the occasion where a staff member cannot make it to their class and it must be cancelled or is in need of a sub

Time to Get Moving

Once you have found the right software solution for your company, you will be able to return to focusing primarily on dance, choreography, creative expression, and the education of your students. It is so easy for business owners to get lost in the daily grind of keeping their company together, and that is why management softwares like The Studio Director have been created.

You finally have a solid system, things are starting to run well, but the business needs to continue to evolve. Keeping in line with the latest trends, primarily keeping in contact with your students and possible students, is the only way that you are going to be able to continue to thrive.

Let the software take on the boring and arduous work that has been keeping you up late and unable to join your friends at dinner. With the assistance of management program, you will remember exactly why you started this business in the first place. We are here for you, and we are ready to help you in any way you need to align our software with your managerial needs. By reaching out to our customer service team, you will experience the assistance necessary to get you moving toward a simpler and more productive business program.

What are you waiting for? Try it out and see just how much easier your life gets.

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