Once you get your dance studio's brand at the top of the list of studios that people consider when they want to learn to dance, you can be sure that you will be so popular that you'll have a waiting list. What that means is making plenty of money for your studio while also getting to do a job that you are passionate about and that you love. Here is a look at everything you need to know about getting students to pour in the doors of your dance studio.

Promotions are Always a Great Choice

It's no secret that people, especially kids, love getting things for free. That's why free gifts and promotions are one of the easiest ways to get more students to dance with you at your studio. Perhaps you could offer a free t-shirt or tutu when a new student enrolls in a certain number or group of classes. Other giveaways could be tights, shoes, bags or other items that dancers need during practice and performance. Another idea is to do monthly raffles in which you give things away. You could have the students enter the raffle, then pull one name out as the winner. The prize could be something like a free month of classes or discounts on uniforms and performance entrance fees.

You'll Love What an Open House Can Do For You

Holding an open house is relatively inexpensive and can get you loads of new students. All you have to do is open your studio up so that people can see how great it is. Advertise your event in the newspaper, at dance supply venues, or by sending out flyers or postcards to the neighborhoods surrounding the studio. On the big day, offer refreshments and give tours, allowing prospective students to see your studio in action. Perhaps you’ll allow them to watch a class or try out some moves for themselves. Make it fun and welcoming, and chances are you'll have more students than you can handle before the day is over.

Make a Donation to a Local Entity

Many school PTL groups, church youth groups or similar associations hold silent auctions to raise money. They usually ask for donations from local businesses that they can sell. This is great for you because you can get your name out there to a wider group of potential students. Perhaps you want to donate a month of lessons or a free uniform with sign-up. Whatever it is, there will be quite a few new people learning about you and your dance studio so that you can bring them in and make them your next set of students.

A good dance studio management software program is all you need to manage your student recruitment programs. Keep track of what you try and how many students each method attracts. This allows you to determine what works well for your dance studio and what you can probably skip trying again. Consolidating this information also allows your staff to assist you in keeping track. The bottom line is that taking action to bring in more students can ensure that your dance studio is as successful as possible.

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