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Did you catch our new barcoding feature? It’s an exciting new addition to The Studio Director software. All you need is a barcode reader!
You can use a barcode for your students so that they can check themselves into class. You can use a barcode for your inventory to help you quickly find an inventory item.

For Students

Barcode-CardYou can create a barcode associated with the student so that they can scan themselves as present when they arrive for their dance or gymnastics class. It works just like it does when you get a “frequent flyer” card from your favorite store or restaurant. You give the student a key card with their barcode number. As the student comes to class, they scan the card to indicate that they are present for classes.

You can purchase pre-generated key cards that already are laminated and have the barcodes. Or, you can purchase just the barcodes and laminate them yourselves. Finally, there are several on-line barcode generators that you can use for free. Just print them off as you generate them.

You need to have your studio set up with our student check-in feature in order to use the barcode scanner for your students. Just contact us if you are interested in getting this feature activated.

For Inventory

Price Tags

Price-TagsYou can create a barcode associated with your inventory so that you can scan the item and easily find it. Just like with students, you enter in the barcode associated with the individual inventory item. As a family is purchasing the item at the studio, you can search for that specific item by scanning the barcode. You can also use the barcode to help you when you are updating your inventory items.

We recommend the Motorola LS2208 or LI2208 reader, but any USB Barcode Scanner that outputs just the barcode without any trailing characters (like tabs, carriage returns, or line feeds) should work with The Studio Director. See for information about any barcode scanner. You could also purchase sheets of barcode numbers from them.

If you have any questions about using our new feature, just give us a call at 877-688-3870 or send us an e-mail at [email protected].

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