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SignatureDid you know that The Studio Director provides you with a way to easily manage your student waivers? Student waivers are an important part of your business. The purpose of the waiver is to authorize a student’s participation in your dance or gymnastics class and a form of protection for your business. After all, injuries can and do occur as part of a typical dance or gymnastics class. It’s just something that can happen. You want to protect yourself and your business. Student waivers can help you do that.

If it has been a while since you have looked at your waiver, now might be a good time to review it. Make sure that you have covered yourself and that the language of the waiver is not too ambiguous. Your lawyer is a good resource to ensure that the waiver covers all your bases.

There are also several websites that provide information on students waivers. You can “Google” student waivers to find them. There is also a good article on how to write a student waiver on the Tutu Tix website. You can check it out here.

Once you have reviewed the language, you can easily make any updates to the waiver via The Studio Director software. When you manage your own waivers in The Studio Director, a date/time stamp of the last time the waiver was accepted shows right on the student page. If a student needs to update the waiver, The Studio Director will post a message on the student page to let you know. Another message appears on the family page when there is a student within the family that needs to accept the waiver.

Things like dress codes, photography permissions, and refund policies can be included in the waiver if you want. However, The Studio Director also provides you a way to send the student an e-mail upon enrollment. You can upload your policies for things like dress code as an attachment to this e-mail.

Our on-line Help provides you with instructions on managing your own student waiver text. Feel free to contact us if you need further information about managing your own student waivers.

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