10 Effective Open House Ideas For Dance Studios To Find New Students

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An open house allows people in the community to see your space, meet the teachers, and get answers to important questions. It’s one of the best dance class marketing ideas that has the potential to really work. If you’re looking for open house ideas for dance studios, you’ve come to the right place. These are our tips to make sure your open house helps you reach new students in your community.

1. Find The Right Time

If you want a great turnout, you’ll have to choose the right day and time for your open house.

If you primarily serve younger students, weekdays after school are ideal. That means you could schedule an open house Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. until about 6 p.m. If your studio has a lot of teenagers, you may even consider going until 8 p.m.

Hosting several different open house events throughout the year is also a great way to ensure everyone has a chance to attend. With this in mind, plan another open house for a Saturday or Sunday. This will benefit families that are too busy during the weekdays. Try to avoid holiday weekends when people tend to travel.

2. Open To Different Ages At Different Times

An open house is your chance to give parents and students a look at what your classes are really like. Divide demos up into different age ranges. This will allow you to customize the experience, just like you would in any class.

Hold 30-minute classes for young children like toddlers and preschoolers. Offer demo classes ranging anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour for older students in elementary school and high school.

Remember, this is your chance to show off. Think of the routines and activities that have been crowd pleasers with your current students. The goal is for everyone to have fun!

3. Appeal To Both Students And Parents

While students may enjoy themselves, the parents have to decide that classes are worth the cost. That means you want to appeal to them as well. Consider playing adult music that is still kid-friendly, such as The Beatles. You’ll be able to keep the momentum going without driving parents crazy!

4. Put Together A Great Open House Flyer

Don’t be afraid to go old school with a great dance studio open house flyer! This is one of the best ways to spread the word about your event. Hang it in local coffee shops or restaurants with community boards. Look for similar spots at schools, daycares, and even gyms.

Keep the digital file of your flyer for email blasts and social media. Use this to post on Facebook or Instagram — and make it public for easy sharing! This will allow your current students to post it on their own social media pages.

5. Set It Around A Theme

Themes are a fun way to attract more people!

Think about whatever is top of mind for students when you want to hold your open house. For example, is it early February? Build upon a Valentine’s Day theme. Consider a “Haunted Open House” in October and teach a few Thriller dance moves! You can also capitalize on seasons, popular movies, and music genres.

Whatever theme you choose, build on it with all of your planning and decor.

6. Make It Fun And Magical

Decorations can take your studio to the next level, especially if you’re working with a theme. Use balloons, streamers, and even flameless candles to make your space look extra special.

Consider passing out props to use during your class demos. This is especially helpful with little ones who may feel a bit nervous! Think flower crowns or colored scarves that can be incorporated into activities and routines.

Don’t forget to prepare a fun table of snacks and refreshments. If possible, have an element of your branding used on sweet treats, such as cookies or cupcakes.

7. Offer Sign-Up Specials

Everyone loves a deal! Sign-up specials are a great way to boost enrollment on the spot. Offer a discount on tuition for students who enroll on the night of or within a certain amount of time following the open house event.

For example, take down names and information for those who are interested, and give them seven days to enroll at your discounted rate.

8. Make Registration Easy During The Open House

On that note, make registration easy with a great information form. It should clearly request the most important details to move forward with sign-ups, including contact information and methods of payment. This is also a good place to include a liability waiver.

For more information, take a look at our guide on how to create a dance studio registration form.

9. Give Out Freebies And Favors

Freebies, favors, and door prizes are always a hit. They’re simple, but they’re one of the best open house ideas for dance studios of any size.

Want to keep it easy? Give out shirts or canvas bags that show off your logo, as well as gift cards and candy.

A raffle is another great way to give out a big-ticket item to the parents, such as free classes or a discount on tuition! For the students, consider a gift basket with an assortment of dance items. Ask local dance retailers to help you fill the basket in exchange for advertising at your open house.

10. Show Off Your Current Students

Use your dance studio open house as a way to show appreciation for your current students. Consider giving out special prizes or gifts for students who bring a friend to the event.

You may also want to have them perform a routine they’ve been working on. This is a way to help them boost their performance confidence and show off the skills they’re learning at your studio.

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