How To Choose The Best Theatre Management Software

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being in the spotlight on stage. If you were bitten by the acting bug long ago, you may even be running your own theatre these days and inspiring a new generation of thespians. Keep your focus on the fun by streamlining your daily business tasks with theatre management software. The best theatre management software tools can help you keep your performers, audiences, and vendors happy. Here’s how to find the best option for your theatre.

What You Need To Accomplish With Theatre Management Software

The lifecycle of a show requires many different phases and moving parts. From auditions to the final curtain call, you want to prioritize organization to put on a great show.

You want the show to go off without a hitch, which means you have to tend to all of these moving parts. But chances are, this isn’t the role you’re passionate about. You want to focus on coaching your actors and running lines.

With that said, you’re also working on a budget. While hiring an office manager or assistant to juggle all of these tasks may be ideal, that money could be better spent elsewhere. You need software that allows for automation of certain tasks, so you don’t have to worry about it. Software naturally eliminates repetitive and time-consuming tasks with some well-placed automated features. Think of it as your silent business partner who is working behind the scenes.

Theatre production management software helps you keep track of the following elements, so you can put on a show that’s worthy of a standing ovation.

Host auditions

A smooth audition process will allow you to find the right actors for your show. Plus, you’ll demonstrate to your students that you have the leadership needed to run this show from start to finish.

Community theater management software tools can organize your schedule of classes and auditions to get started. This will help you organize each actor’s time slots and contact information for quality casting.

Coordinate rehearsal schedules

From the first table read to tech week, theatre scheduling software helps you maintain an organized calendar of events.

Ensure all of your actors, instructors, and any necessary vendors have the information they need to get the job done right. With an organized system, you can feel confident knowing you’re ready for showtime on the eve of opening night.

Manage costumes

A show isn’t complete without a wardrobe full of costumes! This is truly the final touch that brings your play or musical to life.

Keep track of measurements and who is wearing what with the right performing arts management software. The best solution will also help you track pricing for each costume, so you can stay within budget.

Sell tickets

After months of hard work in rehearsals, you want to make sure your actors are performing to a packed house!

The best way to do this is with theatre seat booking software that allows you to easily sell tickets online. Reporting allows you to track all of your show dates, times, and how many seats have been sold. The best software solution will also assist you with marketing to get the word out! Quickly send emails to everyone in your network to start spreading the news.

Manage your staff

It takes a village to put on a show. From your choreographer to your pianist, the best tools allow you to track all of your instructors’ timesheets and keep a record of their schedules.

What To Look For In Community Theater Management Software

You know you need theatre production management software, but what features should you be looking for? These are the must-have elements:

  • Scheduling: Make it easy for your actors to register for auditions or classes, and your audience members to buy tickets. Your system should allow people to set up an account online, check availability, and choose a date and time that works best online.
  • Organization: From important customer contact information to costume details, it’s essential to have all of this information in one cloud-based place for easy access.
  • Customer payments: Whether it’s your audience members paying for tickets or students paying tuition, you need a secure server for payment processing. Look for those that offer multiple payment options, like one-time online payments and recurring billing.
  • Data security: Find your theatre’s sensitive data anywhere with a secure connection that protects against data leaks. In addition, you should have the capability to perform business tasks on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Business reporting: Get access to dozens of different reports covering various facets of your business. With this knowledge lighting the way, you’ll be able to make wiser decisions for the next show.

Studio Director Makes The Cut

We’ve discussed a lot of important issues here, but what’s the solution? Studio Director should be your first choice for theatre management software. The capabilities of our integrated solution allow you to streamline and simplify the administrative side of your theatre.

Don’t just take our word for it. Leading theatre companies like Stud!o Bravo prove how valuable our software truly is.

Bravita Threatt, owner of Stud!o Bravo, was most recently the lead dance captain for Disney’s Lion King on Broadway. Today, her performing arts studio is a creative space where aspiring artists can join in live virtual classes or take pre-recorded sessions from their Broadway favorites. Threatt credits Studio Director for helping her unique online business model run seamlessly.

With Studio Director, Stud!o Bravo students can easily access an online portal from the studio’s main website to register for classes, as well as manage their class schedule and personal information. The studio accepts payments through Studio Director’s partnership with PaySimple, a best-in-class payment provider. Plus, Stud!o Bravo’s teachers host their live virtual classes through Zoom, which Studio Director helps facilitate.

In the future, Threatt hopes to expand to a physical location and offer both online and in-person classes. Thankfully, Studio Director will be able to support both her online studio and physical location when she is ready to grow.

Are you ready to take your theatre business to the next level? Set up a free trial or schedule a personal demo with Studio Director today!

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