If you have been running a dance studio, gym, yoga studio or something similar, you already know that working smarter trumps working harder any day. One way to work smarter is by using software to streamline your business. The question is though, which one is best, and what factors should you consider to determine the perfect option? With that in mind, here are five tips to help you with choosing dance studio software that will be right for you and your unique needs.

  1. Look for software that will save you time.
  2. The platform you choose should also save you money.
  3. You'll want something that allows you to have multiple users working with it simultaneously, and a platform that can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection
  4. Your perfect software should be able to manage your repetitive tasks, but also allow you to practically set it and forget it
  5. It should also be affordable, easy to install and easy to use.

Now that you have a baseline of things to look for, let's break these five tips down even further to assist you in your quest for choosing dance studio software. After all, picking your software is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

1. Look for software that will save you time.


What saves time? Simply put, you need software that does the heavy lifting for you. A great example of a time saving task that software can help you with, is filing paperwork. The beauty of the right dance studio software, is that it will eliminate the useless clutter that comes in the form of all those pesky paper files. Instead you'll replace physical copies of student records, paper invoices and other documents with digital files.

No longer will you have to waste precious time alphabetizing and categorizing all the informational pieces of your business. In fact, you’ll save time on searching for them when you need them too. Because each piece of paper now has a correlating document name, it will be a breeze to find exactly what you are looking for every time. Whether it’s the Internal Revenue Service, or an insurance claim, you’ll never fumble around in your hunt for important documents again.

You’ll save lots of time on communication with the right dance studio software as well.

Is it any wonder that some businesses employ customer service representatives solely to manage correspondence? It can feel as though keeping your customers happy is a full time job, on top of all the other tasks on your plate. This is why when choosing dance studio software you’ll want a platform that makes communicating with your customers faster and easier to do.

You need a platform that allows you to:

  • Create templates for quick correspondence
  • Design drip campaigns for marketing, onboarding new clients, and keeping your database interested
  • Send class schedules, invoices, and progress reports with ease, and more

When you’re in communication with your clients, it shows them that you care. People want to feel as though you are just as invested in them as they are with you. Saving time while staying in contact with your customers just makes good business sense.

2. The platform you choose should also save you money.

There’s an unspoken issue that most employers don’t like to openly discuss, and that is the need to keep costs down to boost their bottom line or even break even each month. In some cases, this can be the difference between expanding their operations, and staying small. Unfortunately, keeping too many employees can cost you hundreds of thousands of wasted dollars every month.

No one likes to be the bad guy, but keeping staff on board just because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings can be detrimental to the success of your business. The reality is that some, if not many, of the tasks your employees complete on a weekly or even a daily basis can be handled faster and more efficiently with software.

3. You'll want a platform that allows multiple users, and can be accessed from anywhere


When choosing dance studio software, it's best to pick one that isn't solely reliant on you. The whole idea of using software is to make your life and job easier. Isn’t it?

That’s why you want software that allows your clients and employees to share the workload with you. Good software gives you the ability to simply schedule dates and times for classes, and then turn over the rest of the work to your students. Instead of you being responsible for physically filling out all the paperwork related to joining a class, your students should be able to sign up for them on their own, and pay the bill without you needing to lift a finger.

Picture this - you load the dates and times of the season’s classes into the platform. You send one email out to your database announcing that the new schedule is open for enrollment. After which you leave the office for the evening, or perhaps the weekend.

From there, your students then sign up for classes. When the classes are full, any new signups are automatically added to a wait list. After students enroll in a class, they are directed to an invoice, and prompted to submit their payment information. You come back to the office, and all of your classes are full, and all invoices are paid, and you didn’t have to do any additional work.

Are you starting to see how much dance studio software could improve your work life, and give you back some of your free time after “normal working hours”? You made money while doing something else, and you saved time and money on the entire enrollment process while gleaning important information along the way.

What information did you gather during enrollment, you ask? For starters, without any added effort, you learned which classes are the most popular, which classes are struggling to get enough students, and whether or not you need to add additional classes and/or instructors.

Having software that can be accessed from anywhere cuts the ties that prevent you from leaving the office.

The number one reason why cloud-based software is becoming so popular, is people like the idea of being able to access their information and files from anywhere that has an internet connection. In other words, no one likes to feel as though they are chained to one location. Good software breaks those chains, and sets you free to go anywhere without risking the loss of access.

This ability of having global access alone, has helped countless business owners finally feel comfortable going on vacation, or at least leave their offices at a decent hour in the evenings. Why stay glued to your desk in the off chance that someone will need a file, when you can leave the office and access any pertinent file you might need from your smartphone, tablet or desktop?

4. Your perfect software should be able to manage your repetitive tasks, but also allow you to practically set it and forget it

Consider for a moment all the things you do on a daily basis in your dance studio business. Can any of them be handled with software to make things easier on you? Odds are you answered yes. The right dance studio software can help you to better handle repetitive tasks such as:

  • Inventory management
  • Instructor timesheets
  • Class report cards
  • Costume and recital management
  • Class enrollment including recurring tuition payments
  • The company’s current financial state
  • And, as we alluded to above, communications with your clients, contacts and vendors

5. It should also be affordable, easy to install and easy to use.


If you’re tasked with choosing dance studio software, you likely won’t be selecting a platform that is wildly overpriced, difficult to work with, and needs an in house IT guy to install and update. No, what you want is simplicity. The idea is working smarter, and saving both time and money, remember?

Your best choice will offer the following:

  • Software that is simple to use with no training required
  • Credit card processing, and online bill pay (It should also include automatic payment information updates that prompt your customers to update their info, so you never have to chase a delinquent payment again)
  • Automatic backups of your data
  • Automatic updates of changes to software for no additional fee
  • Is easily integrated into your existing website so your customers see your logo and branding
  • No coding knowledge required to install/use
  • Will be customizable for your unique needs
  • Won’t require hardware for updates
  • Can be used by studios of all sizes whether you have two dozen, or two thousand students
  • Flexible pricing plans with no long term contracts
  • Unlimited toll-free phone support should you anything come up that you do need help with

Where will the path of choosing dance studio software take you?

Based on everything we have discussed here today, we’re guessing all roads will lead you to The Studio Director. The Studio Director is by far, the best dance studio software available on the market today.

The Studio Director is the software that wants to see your business grow. With its ability to scale to the largest studios, our goal is to help you meet and exceed your wildest business dreams.

Want a single studio that is always packed with a waiting list for every class you offer? We can help you with that. Do you instead dream of having an entire franchise of studios to teach your classes nationwide? We’ve got you covered there too. No dream is too big with the right software in your business toolbelt.

We created our software with you, the studio owner in mind. We took what we saw the marketplace was lacking, added in all the things we knew a successful studio needed, and brought it to the world. Now, we want to offer it to you, to help your studio not just survive, but thrive.

You deserve to have a platform that makes your daily life as a studio owner as simple and carefree as possible. You have enough on your plate. Don’t let menial tasks bog you down. Save time and money, and scale up to make more money than ever before.

The Studio Director can be up and running for your dance studio in as little as a matter of hours. When you’re ready to sign up, we’ll set you up with one of our program experts who will walk you through the entire process, and customize the software to the unique needs of your business and website.

We are confident that you will find our software is incredibly easy to use. It’s been said that if you can create a Facebook page, you can use our software without any complications at all.

Don't take our word for it. Try The Studio Director for yourself. Sign up for a demo today.


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